Daily log 6/12/2017

Daily log 6/12/2017

Today marks the beginning of the Wim Hof Method week 6 of 10! The cold showers no longer feel like an endurance test but instead are quite enjoyable at this point

After training I biked a couple miles out to Aroma’s Coffeehouse and grabbed a nice breakfast burrito and coffee. While I was writing ‘Once a Young Earth Creationist’, I was pleasantly surprised to have Tracy Herner happen by. We talked for a while, the kind of long conversation that feels too short in good company. A refreshing change from my largely sequestered workdays.

Then it was off to work in a day so hot I was dripping sweat from my face from sitting down and pulling weeds. I was well distracted with podcasts running all day though.

With the workday wrapped up, I prepared to return to Maureen’s for a day. Tomorrow I’ll have another opportunity to show my gratitude for all the help she’s provided by assisting in projects throughout the day to ease some burden.

It was a good day.

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