Daily log 6/13/2017

Daily log 6/13/2017

Pullin’ weeds on another day so hot that I can sweat in a state of complete rest. Gonna be nice when winter rolls around.

Staying at this house is getting to be really draining. This pattern of just sleeping and working with next to no human interaction is exactly what I intended to escape when I started this walk in the first place! No matter though, it may be a long few weeks ahead, but the end is in sight.

On the plus side, I did explore an option for pass the time after working hours: solo drinking! While my entertainment options are limited, at least they can be multiplied by a little Jack and Coke. And by a little I mean about 250 ml. Now if only I were a lightweight, I could more efficiently multiply the party! Guess I’m skipping dinners! (Not really though. It is totally a joke. Continue reading like this paragraph isn’t here mom and dad. Love you guys)

Slow days for the blog, but I’m working on new content for the site that I hope to get rolling in the next couple days. Keep an eye out for it!

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