Immersed in nature

Immersed in nature

Yesterday I got to experience rain in a way I never tried before; just standing in a downpour until my clothes were soaked through. Any time I’ve been in rain before has been either light precipitation or I’ve had an umbrella. Scattered thunderstorms were on the forecast and my boss told me to give him a call if the rain got too intense to work, and the storm began.

I wanted to post a picture of the rain, but the app I’m posting from seems to not be taking uploads so I just posted another cat instead.

It was light at first, getting occasionally heavy enough to give me time for writing yesterday’s post. A while after it let up, however, it let back down harder than it had all day. It was cold at first, but not nearly as cold as the showers I take for the Wim Hof Method, so I quickly warmed back up.

It felt so great. I was pulling weeds in the rainstorm, feeling even better than before the rain started. My training seems to be working! I can shrug this off without worry, and one less thing to worry about on this walk is golden. The pile of weeds accumulating next to me grew a little too large, so I loaded them up in the wheelbarrow and dumped them in the compost heap.

As I was walking back, I stopped to take everything in. The downpour, the lack of activity from everyone having gone back inside, my own state being drenched. It all felt so serene. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the wall holds in store if this is what I’m experiencing so quickly after starting.

Also I broke my personal record for oxygen retention today! Oxygen retention in the Wim Hof Method is doing 30-40 cycles of controlled breathing, exhaling completely on the last breath, and retaining oxygen as long as possible without air in the lungs. My previous record was 3 minutes 24 seconds, today I made it to 5 minutes! Progress!

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