A wise man once said

A wise man once said

Today’s kind of a slow day; plenty of work to do, but it’s outdoor work with scattered showers. So here I sit, waiting for the rain to calm down. I don’t even really know what to write, kinda just typing out my thoughts here. Feeling kinda low-energy, don’t even feel much motivation to write at the moment.

So why am I writing at all? What’s the point to jotting down my thoughts instead of just watching some Netflix while I edit instead, like I’d rather be doing? Surely I should wait until some inspiration hits me.

And it kinda has, if not in the conventional manner. I decided to seize the opportunity to inject another piece of advice that helped me out: motivation is fleeting. Dedication is where progress is really made. I’ve posted something on my Facebook page for 27 consecutive days now, and I could have easily not done that if I always waited for inspiration.

Inspiration and motivation won’t always be there. You’re going to have to work with your circumstances as they are if you want to make reliable, long-term progress. You may often find that you get the motivation you were looking for more often after starting than before (which is how it tends to work for me).

When you know progress has to be made but can’t find the energy to begin, don’t just wait for it. Procrastinate later, get it done now. Or, to quote the powerful video that consumed to the internet not too long ago, “Just DO IT!

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