Trail log 7/28/2017

Trail log 7/28/2017

Found some time to write, plugged into an outdoor outlet at a gas station. Place doesn’t open for an hour yet, but I’m low on water to here I shall wait. Day one back on the road has been tough already. I probably sweat out more water than I could actually drink yesterday, but today and tomorrow is supposed to be overcast so perhaps there’ll be a nice break from that.

Back in the trail is the reminder of how much more mentally trying this task is than physically so. I can always stop to rest my feet, but I never know where an opportunity to sleep for a while will present itself. Lucked out yesterday when I found a footbridge along Virginia’s Capital Trail just off the ground enough to tent up under, though I didn’t have 3 questions for passerbys like any good bridge troll should.

Things will get easier as time goes on, and I’m eager to not be as nervous about all of this as I have been. My connection here is poor, so I’m not sure when I’ll actually be able to upload this. When I’ve got internet though, this post and more pictures are on their way.

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