Daily log 7/13/2017

Daily log 7/13/2017

I’m getting more apprehensive as depture grows near. I’ve fortunately been able to enjoy most of the remaining days taking in the quiet solitude, but as the days wind down right along side my calmness. There isn’t much reason to fear getting back on the road; money is saved and some worn out equipment has been replaced. Yet the feeling grows.

I guess I just need to keep telling myself it’ll be okay. I’ll see caverns, gardens, state parks, meeting new people all along the way. It makes sense, a stranger in a strange situation feeling apprehensive. Heck, we’ve evolved to be stressed when out of our element as a means to be alert and increase survival chances. That knowledge is hardly consolation to my gut feelings though.

I’ll figure it out. It’ll all work out in the end. I’m far from the first or last person to be in a situation like this. I’ll just feel a lot better when these feelings pass.

Soon I’ll be overlooking literal and metaphorical valleys and taking it all in. What are stressful times like these but a great contrast to the peaceful moments after all?

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