Daily log 7/12/2017

Daily log 7/12/2017

I had a moment of sorts this morning. In the kitchen of the bnb-to-be I’ve been staying in, rice and veggies were boiling on the stove. I was washing some dishes, and took a clean spoon to see if the vegetables were ready. With a spoonful of peas, carrots, and corn steaming in front of me, I blew gently to cool them. Everything seemed to come together all at once.

Standing at the sink and looking back up from the spoon, I looked out the window. With exception to the hum of the fridge and the cicadas outside, everything seemed to stand still. Outside the window stands a firewood rack, a canoe propped on sawhorses, a firepit, with lawn leading to woods behind it all.

It was all so serene. For just a moment, I recaptured that peace I’m so fond of. I can take comfort in it’s memory and those like it, in knowing there are more to come.

It was a good day.

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