Spent 7/11/2017

Spent 7/11/2017

Another day feeling really low energy for some reason. I don’t feel sad or anything, just like I want to watch Netflix in bed all day. Well, maybe not wanting to as much as only having the energy for it. Ended up forcing myself over to Aroma’s around 11:30 am just to get out and try writing something, and this is what I’ve got. It’s 12:30 by the way

I wish these days didnt seem to come out of the blue, especially when I finally have some days off to explore around Williamsburg. Maybe I’ll wander around answering Google Maps questions on whether or not stores are open at 3pm on Sundays or something.

5pm update: So it’s supposed to be highs of 98°F until Friday. The weather app just displays suns with exclaimation points in the center. On friday, stormy at 96°F. I am upset.

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