Daily log 7/4/2017

Daily log 7/4/2017

All the interesting stuff going down today is happening too late to write about, so here’s a random thought I wrote out the other day:

I love when there’s complete cloud cover during the day, when they’re as high as can be. In their being so high, they almost look stationary. Like a ceiling for Earth itself. I sometimes get the intuition that I can reach up and place my hand flat on the cloud cover, as if it were right in front of me.

It’s difficult to describe, but for an instant I feel like I’m in a lucid dream. Like I will touch the sky and look back down to see a landscape akin to a tilt shifted photograph. The now tiny structures and trees, the once-moving miniature cars and people now still. My peripheral is blurry, but the foreground vibrant.

I don’t know why I get that brief-yet-specific impression, but it always feels numinous, so unreal. So beautiful.

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