Daily log 6/30/2017

Daily log 6/30/2017

My time here in Williamsburg will end up shorter than anticipated. Having peeked ahead in the Wim Hof Method, I’ve discovered the last two weeks to be pretty much just more cold therapy, but to am extent I can’t reach in the summer. Not without buying a whole lotta ice for ice baths, at least.

That’s okay though, I’ll try to catch up with what friends I can within the next couple of days and continue on my journey. This all still feels so surreal, especially after stopping for so long and getting a roof over my head the whole time. A country full of chaotic elements await me, with beauty and struggle all along the way.

I may have a long road ahead of me, but with every day that passes I can look back at the ground I’ve covered and take pride in tbe ground of covered. With this path I’ve taken, I don’t have to wonder how things may have got if only I took that first step. That reality has been more freeing for me than anything else; it fills me with joy and purpose.

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