Daily log 6/28/2017

Daily log 6/28/2017

I’m sitting on the steps of the bed and breakfast-to-be, I can’t get to sleep so I came out to look at the moon in the cloudless sky. It appears small and still, brilliant in it’s reflecting the sun’s light. The property is surrounded with trees, the world I’m perceiving right now seems so small and still, with exception to the traffic on the road out front.

Yet, the reality is so much different. The moon is 6,786 miles in circumference, travelling around the Earth at 2,288 miles per hour. The Earth itself is rocketing around the sun at roughly 70,000 mph and spinning at a breakneck 1,000 mph.

The world I perceive feels so small, but the universe I live in is unfathomably large. Distances and sizes our ever-evolving brains can’t yet truly comprehend, at least not intuitively, dominate the cosmos. The Earth feels huge, yet it could fit into our sun 1.3 million times over. Heck, scientists just discovered two supermassive black holes orbiting each other in space, whose combined masses equal to be about 1.5 billion times more massive that our own local star.

We live in a vast, crazy universe in which all of human existance clocks up to a mere blink of the cosmic perspective. A timeline which contains everything we’ve ever marveled at, every step walked, every trial endured, everything and everyone we’ve ever loved.

Our time here is brief. Live a little larger, forgive a little more, and we may just make the best of what we’ve been given. To paraphrase a friend of mine; understand that we can’t truly be our own bosses, so float on wherever life takes you. Like a leaf in a river.

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