Daily log 6/27/2017

Daily log 6/27/2017

I did it! It’s really happening! My cold therapy continues to bear fruit with today’s milestone in the Wim Hof Method. Today I took an ice bath!

I’ve been conditioning myself for cold endurance these past few weeks with cold showers, with last week’s showers being 10 minutes long. Today I filled a big plastic bin with 20 pounds of ice and the rest with water, then took the plunge.

At first ot just felt like dipping into a swimming pool; chilling to the touch, then you adjust to the feeling. Except this is ice cold water, without training I would be experiencing cold shock and hyperventilation! The training continues to work!

I was curious about there contrast of the ice bath to the cold shower, so I hopped into the shower and turned it on. With the cold maxed out and having run for a minute or so for guarenteed minimum temperature, I stepped in. It felt warm. As if I had turned the setting 60% to max warm. Holy crap! My body can now adjust so efficiently that a cold shower post-ice bath feels warm! This post has a lot of exclamations!

At this rate, I’ll be able to cut a hole in a frozen lake and take a comfortable dip, just as the training states. I can’t wait to see what’s in for next week.

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