Daily log 6/22/2017

Daily log 6/22/2017

Another workday, another inspiration source.

Today’s source is one of my biggest influences, the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. One aspect I really appreciate; seeing professionals I look up to just having a conversation instead of being in a rigid interview or brief promotional highlight.

As Joe Rogan puts it (if I recall correctly, I need to find the episode this is stated in), the podcast purely for entertainment. He brings on people he think will be a good guest, who will make good conversation. Not to support certain perspectives or answer specific questions, just to talk. 

That being said, when he brings on anyone from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Steve-O, you get to hear a conversation between Joe Rogan and the guest. Not an interview, not a presentation. A conversation. I know other podcasts do this too, but I mention this for a reason.

It helps put into perspective that Joe Rogan and his guests are just people lile anyone else that have been through or done remarkable things. When I watch the stand-up comedy of Joe Rogan and Tom Segura, I see professionals making me laugh so hard my sides are launched into orbit. When I see the same comedians ait down and just back-and-forth for a while, I get to see these professionals as just friends who are chatting.

How does this inspire me? As I’ve mentioned before, I used to watch these podcasts and wonder what brought them to that point in the first place. What ignites their passion? What gives them drive? It took me a while, but this the summary of the conclusions I’ve drawn:

For the most part, they did those remarkable things because that’s what they enjoy doing most. Whoa, I must’ve just transcended my human form with that grade-school inference, eh? Allow me to elaborate.

Getting to be a professional comic isn’t just a matter of being funny, as it’s been explained on the podcast. You need to constantly practice, find concepts that work and refine them on stage. Get booed off a stage here and a standing ovation there. Perfect the timing of bits, get a solid set of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour. Do all of this while being constantly travelling and probably making only just enough to eat and drive to the next place.

It’s a huge task that pays little until you make it, as I understand it. You’ve gotta love comedy enough to keep going with the knowledge it may never pay big. Basically, it would seem to me that I had to find a monumental task that I would enjoy enough for it to just seem like a normal task because my heart’s deep in it.

And my heart is deep in this indeed. This will forge me into a new person. I’ll see the beauty the country and meet even more awesome friends than I already have. To top it all off, if all goes according to plan I’ll have raised money and awareness for various charities all along the way!

A friendly reminder to donate to the following charities:

Game Changer

Extra Life

Child’s Play

Every dollar counts!

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