Posted in gratitude

Posted in gratitude

To my parents, for whom I have to thank for providing the basis on which my life is built.

I’ve said before that people seem to be an ever-growing equation where the components are everything from things experienced to people known, and the sum of that equation is in every present moment.

My parent’s contributions to my equation are as ongoing as they are a part of my very core. My emotional basis, my intellectual basis, my work ethic, without these foundations I would be another man entirely.

No parent is perfect, and indeed my parents have expressed regrets in some of the decisions that were made, but I think it’s sometimes more important to understand the intent behind one’s decisions than the decision itself. Hindsight is 20/20 after all. That being said, from my perspective I believe my parents have made decisions from as perfectly healthy a basis as I could ask for:

With the realisation that we, their children, are here not of our own volition, but of theirs. Now that we are here, it is their responsibility to do what is necessary to prepare us to walk through this life happily and prepared. 

Everyone may have different ideas of what means may produce such an end, which is exactly why all we can do is put forth an honest effort, and I feel in my heart that such an effort was, and is currently being, put forth. So well, in fact, that most of my life has been so comfortable I had to make my own adversity in taking on this walk

They understand what it is to be a young adult. They don’t try to impose ideas, but offer input that may be taken or left. They understand that there is not one way to traverse this life, and would not disown us for simply having a different perspective.

I have been born into fortunate circumstances, and raised in a way that doesn’t take said circumstances for granted. My pursuits encouraged and my curiosity fostered, I have my upbringing to thank for my drive and my efforts. Without the healthy basis of love and care, I might have no idea what I search for I this life and in my walk, and I might never have had the opportunity to spread this knowledge and care.

Thank you, mom and dad, for everything you’ve done, for showing what it is to care and love. My cup has been filled so greatly, that it now overflows so I may fill the cups of my neighbors. I love you, and live by your example.

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