Daily logs

Daily logs

Today I’ll start a daily log detailing what I did the previous day for those who are curious about my activities. Besides that, I’ll post additonal things like advice or unique experiences, so if you’re not curious about my day-to-day activities then you can just skip the posts called “Daily log dd/mm/yy”.

Yesterday I continued scraping paint from an old building currently being restored to be used as a bed and breakfast. Tedious work, but I’ve got hundreds of hours of ghee Joe Rogan Experience podcast to engage in. 

Then I biked 8 miles to Maureen’s place to assist in setting up for the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market, and drank a bit afterwords to relax. Along the route was a beautiful bike that runs parallel to Airport Road, where I took the picture that is this post’s featured image.

The WimHof Method is going well, it still feels weird to be largely unfazed by 10 minute long cold showers, but at the end of the 10 weeks I’ll be neck deep in an ice bath so I’ve still got a way to go. Perhaps I’ll live stream my ‘ graduation’ from the course?

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