Satisfaction without results

Satisfaction without results

Just a little tidbit today: part of my problem in never finishing anything good for me was my telling people of my plans before I would even carry them out. Diet/exercise, 3D modelling and/or animation, learning a second language, you name it. I would get genuinely motivated and excited, tell my friends, and they’d be supportive of me.

“That’s great!” 

“Can’t wait to see the progress!” 

“Keep up the good work!”

What I didn’t realize was the way this takes the gratification of completing these tasks and shoves em right up front, so you don’t even have to achieve your goals to get samples of the fun in the first place.

Just do what you’ve gotta do, and once you’re there you can show a finished product and be satisfied at a job well done. Stick it through to the end, or you may doom yourself to starting a million things you never finish.

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