6 more weeks!

6 more weeks!

A very generous friend of Maureen (of the farm I was working at) has offered me work and a lovely place to stay (pictured above). I’ll be using this opportunity to finish the Wim Hof Method, which I didn’t finish before departing Minnesota. Without laying the method out here, suffice it to say that when I’m done I’ll be able to handle the cold far more efficiently than before. More info can be found at this site

I’ll be posting updates on my progress here and fitting in whatever adventure I can in the busy workweeks. I’m currently in week 5 of 10, and this is where the cold therapy portion really picks up. Today I began the transition from 2 separate minutes of cold shower (one and the start and end) to full 10 minute showers.

It was crazy! I was already surprising myself in how well I was handling 1 minute at a time. When I was getting minutes in, I stopped noticing the cold almost entirely. I kept a hand out of the water so I could periodically feel my torso, somehow baffled every time that it was chilled to the touch. Not in numbness either, I could feel my contact perfectly well.

As I understand it, (and I might not understand it, these are not claims to truth just my trying to remember. Please research too) slowly and safely increasing my exposure to the cold is building a subcutaneous tissue that helps deal with the cold.

I’m learning that our bodies are capable of crazy things. There’s a whole universe out there to explore, as well as within us.

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