Good news!

Good news!

I may not have to leave here so soon! Maureen is well connected around here and may be able to get me a part time job. To back up a bit, when I left for this trip, I left with good equipment and little money. I wanted to leave so badly that I was okay with leaving ill-prepared. But hey, there’s adventure and a good story to be gained from that!

Indeed there is. I’ve got plenty to write about right here in Williamsburg between the history of the place and the wonderful people, so here I may stay until I get a safe money cushion to catch me if I fall. 

That aside, I continue to have the good fortune of spending more quality time with Maureen, Mike, and Andrea after work. As Maureen and I arrived, they had prepared sous vide steak in grilled flatbread and topped with garlic crabmeat, as well as grilled bok choy. Andrea introduced me to cigars, resulting in my current profile picture as of this article.

Great friends, food, wine, and cigars. What these kindly souls have provided to me In my brief stay will be in my heart for the rest of my life, hopefully I can pay them back before I go. Should I miss the opportunity to so or not, I will be nigh honorbound to pay this forward at any opportunity. They’ve shown me such happiness in their gestures that if I know I can do the same for another, who am I to deny them of it?

“Pleasure is our first and kindred good. It is the starting point of every choice and every aversion, and to it we always come back, inasmuch as we make feeling the rule by which to judge of every good thing” -Epicurus

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