This is insane!

This is insane!

This is crazy! Look at that featured image. The generous owner of that house, which overlooks an equally beautiful farm, has essentially conveyed the mi casa es su casa rule to me. In appreciation for the help I’ve been providing, I might as well live there. Wonderful food. Musical family. Warm home. And I’m leaving it all behind in just a couple of days!

What is possessing me to leave this comfort, kindness, and stability behind? To spend days walking away from this amazing place knowing my destination is tenting up among some trees somewhere with a solar panel and some trail mix?

Adversity. Challenge. A fight! What else but such comfortable conditions produced the mediocrity I feel I’m escaping from in the first place? (That is to say, living comfortably in the successful homes of others) What better way out than to do something so incredibly wayward as living out of a wagon for a year, both combatting and enjoying what the world has to offer?

I’ve spent so much time studying great things, great properties of the universe, great people. Grasping at these straws in the vain hope that one grab could launch me into what felt like the lofty realms of that which I’ve studied. How the view must be from up there, I’ve only read about it!

Meanwhile, so many around me were taking the stairs up to said views. It may be a great many steps, but to never begin taking them is to dwell in one’s self imposed depths. I’ve begun taking the steps myself, and never had I anticipated the struggle to be to great and beautiful. I am no longer afraid.

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