Hearthside Farm, Williamsberg

Hearthside Farm, Williamsberg

This has been quite am uplifting experience overall. Not a day has passed that I wasn’t offered a lift, and half the drivers offered food/water/a bit of cash when I would politely decline. Alas, just yesterday I had to break my walking-only rule; I walked for the better part of 11 hours and right into a thigh splint injury. Every few steps were agony, and the rest were just painful. 

That’s when a kindly older woman, Cathy, stopped her truck, asked where I was headed, and offered a ride to the ferry. This not only would effectively cut trip down by 20 miles, but also break my walk-only rule. But, it was either break the rule or potentially sustain an injury that could put me out of the walk entirely, so I swallowed my pride and did. Fortunately, Maureen of Hearthside Farm (where I organized working before I left MN) was able to save me the remaining 10 miles I likely wouldn’t have been able to cover. 

We got to the farm, I almost threw up for some reason, and got a good night’s rest. My leg’s doing much better now, I’ve been fitting work in perfectly well. I’m only a few days in and everything is going in so many directions all at once, I’ve got all my work ahead of me yet!

Pictured is their big ol’ farm pupper

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