Heck of a night

Heck of a night

Covered good ground yesterday, considering my late start in reorganizing my equipment and being taught some handy skills. As the day neared it’s end, however, a problem I anticipated came up: surprise! People aren’t too keen on obliging a stranger’s request to tent up in their lawn, whether for a charity walk or not. No after no, the sun was going down and I needed a place to sleep. I ducked off the county road to a location I’m not entirely sure I was allowed to be. But, no one was around, there was no traffic, so it seemed safe enough. Set up my tent, nested in, and the fun began.

The leaves on the ground shuffling around me, the lights from passing cars glancing my tent wall, making me wonder if it’s someone discovering me. I knew I had a safe spot where you could hardly see the treeline, let alone the distance in I was set up. This knowledge was of little consolation to my adrenal glands that kept the alertness going. It’s all okay though. I beat the sun out of there, hit up a nearby Anytime Fitness and got myself cleaned up proper. Funny how some things can be hell in the moment, but invigorating after the fact.

It is a good day.

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